Telecom Agents And Finding The Right Fit

As telecom agents, it is important to make the sale. But before that, the most important factor a good agent considers is fit. You want to be confident that once you close the sale, business will not only be pleased with the end result, but also see success come from their solution of choice.

Much of finding the right fit for a business stems from the support you receive as an agent. Opening doors and keeping them open with businesses is no small feat. It takes a truly dedicated team that has your back and provides access to a range of the best telecom providers. How else will you truly find the right fit?


Think about how much a business relies on voice to get the job done. From sales calls to customer relations, a phone call goes a long way… much like a superior voice solution! As telecom agents, is important to uncover the true size and scope of your potential customer.

Voice services themselves range in size and robustness. Like virtually all telecom services, the biggest and most expensive option isn’t an automatic win, while scrimping in certain areas can actually cost a business in the long run. It’s up to you to point them in the right direction!


When it comes to finding the right fit it terms of data solutions, it can be a bit trickier than voice. Today in 2016, it is vital for a business to have internet and data solutions that adequately address their needs. But, with technology changing at lightning speeds and seemingly endless options, how can telecom agents sift through to find the best service for any given client?

From DSL to MPLS, the first step in making the right choice is to focus on these four initial factors: type of business, the budget, the required reliability and geographic location. The combination of these factors will lead you to a data solution that can handle anything your customer might throw at it.


In recent years, the cloud has become a legitimate tool in the competitive business’s arsenal. Understanding how to use cloud computing as an advantage can be a challenge to many businesses. It is up to you as telecom agents to communicate not just the general benefits of the cloud, but how this new technology could help their business’s unique needs.

As with any service that is smarter and more flexible with advanced features, it can be a challenge for even a seasoned telecom agent to fully grasp. Don’t let this hinder you from making the sale! Instead, make sure there is a knowledgable team behind you to fill in the gaps when it comes to the cloud. An important part of keeping that door open is feeling confident that you can stay ahead of the game in terms of the latest technology.

At the end of the day, telecom services are meant to grow a business and help them compete today. As telecom agents, you serve as a trusted bridge between their uncertainty and the telecom solution that helps them do just that. To learn more about the superior kind of support Motivity agents receive, visit